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What is the OPAL Trial?

The OPAL Trial focuses on how we can better support patients as they return to work after hip and knee replacement surgery. The trial is testing the OPAL programme, an occupational support programme that has been developed for patients going back to work after surgery. For more information, please click on the button below.

About the OPAL Trial
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Who is the OPAL programme for?

The OPAL programme is for anyone returning to a work role after their hip or knee replacement surgery. This includes people who are employed full or part-time, self-employed, volunteers or carers.

Can I take part?

Why is returning to work after surgery important?

Working has a number of health benefits for people. These include:


Mental health

Keeping the mind busy and seeing other people can help people to recover after surgery. Talking to people reduces stress and anxiety and helps them to feel better.


Physical health

Working helps to improve strength, stamina and flexibility as people recover after their surgery.


Social health

Meeting friends and colleagues outside of the home helps people to feel supported as they recover from surgery.


Financial health

Earning money enables people to support themselves and their family.